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The Tell-tale Forest of Dreams [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adonnen Estenniel

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Friends Only + About Me [Jul. 13th, 2026|08:12 pm]
Adonnen Estenniel
[Current Mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[Current Music |Nat King Cole - "L-O-V-E"]

Friends Only:
Because I don't want real-life people (or trolls) to read what I post, this journal is friends-locked. However, you should feel free to add me; there's a 99% chance I'll do likewise. You can comment here if you like, but I'll get the notification when you add me, so it isn't necessary.

What's In This Journal:
  • All things Tolkien, esp. fanfiction
  • General thoughts on writing
  • Misc.
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From the ashes a fire... [Oct. 5th, 2016|04:21 pm]
Adonnen Estenniel
Oh hello.

So, it's been about forever since my abrupt and sad disappearance from Tolkien fandom. You might remember me. Code name: Adonnen Estenniel, terrible poet, passable prosist, big fan of inserting some much-needed feminism into Middle-earth etc. etc.

I'm...making a return? Perhaps not to fanfiction (yet) but I have ~intentions~, which I solemnly swear are no good.

Anyway, you can read about my new Tolkien-y project over at my new homebase, morcondil.

Any further shenanigans will be going down over there, so Alphien slash Adonnen Estenniel is a defunct persona as of now.
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